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How to Find the Slope of A Line

The slope is the inclination of the line

The formula to find the slope is:

However, If we have the equation y=mx + b, the value next to the X is the slope of the line.

For example:

Y= 3X + 4, then the slope is 3, that is m=3
Y= -2x + 1, that is m=-2
Y= -0.5X + 1, that is m=-0.5 or m=-1/2
Y=1+ 9X, that is m=9

If the equation looks like this 4X + Y = 1, you need to solve for Y,
for example,
Y= 1 -4X, therefore the slope is -4, that is m= -4

Moreover, the slope can be determined by the rise over run method, let's look at some examples.