Math Tutor In Miami

Q: How does virtual tutoring work?

A: On our website you're able to access one of the virtual rooms where you will meet the tutor for your live lesson using a virtual whiteboard. It is so easy anyone can do it. Let us show you with a 10-minute free evaluation of how we teach math.

Q: Do I need Skype for the Virtual tutoring?
A: Not necessarily, as a regular mobile or house phone works well for the audio.

Q: Do I need a special web browser for the virtual tutoring?
A: No, most web browser will work.

Q: Do I need to download any software for the Virtual tutoring?
A: Nothing to download, you can even access the whiteboard through an Ipad.

Q: Do the tutors work from home?
A: No, they work from a center and are monitored at all times for quality purposes for virtual tutoring.

Q: Can I get my lesson in Spanish?
A: Yes, we can tutor in Spanish.

Q: How do I pay for the classes?
A: Easy, click on “Pay For Sessions". You must pay for your class before we can schedule a time.

Q: I want Home-tutoring, how do I get this service?
A: Easy, just call for your free assessment, and then we will match you with a tutor. Provide your address and we will schedule a session at your house.

Q: I want tutoring at the center.
A: We have offices in Miami.

Q: I do not see one of the questions listed here.
A: No problem, please call or text your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions