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The EOC (End-of-Course) is coming again for all the students that are taking Algebra 1,
Algebra 2 or Geometry in public schools in Florida.

Let's talk about important facts of the EOC:

1) The EOC is a computer based test administrated by the Florida Department of Education

2) Students can only use a four function calculator.

3) The test has the following Subjects that you should be extremely familiar:

1) Evaluating Expressions
2) Exponential Expressions
3) Relations and Functions
4) Linear Equations
5) Inequalities
6) Building the equation of the line
7) Factoring
8) Sets and Venn Diagram
9) Quadratic Equations
10)Radical Expressions

4) Practice makes perfect !!

                                   Take our practice EOC Algebra 1 test.
                                                      Are you ready ?
We have created freealgebrareview.com for teacher and students to prepare for the EOC Algebra test.
The website has tutorials and practice questions www.freealgebrareview.com

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